Sunday, February 17, 2008

Horror and Poetic Logic (part one)

Everyone who plans to attend the next filmmakers forum (Los Angeles), in which we will discuss "how to make a frightening horror film without gore," should read Jacques recent recent blog entry on poetic logic versus narrative logic. A Filmmaker's Life

At the forum I'll argue that it is these methods of poetic cinema, irrational juxtaposition and dream logic (or nightmare logic), that make great horror films, and that this is why many popular movies in the genre make little narrative sense.

It's no accident that most of the most famous cinema "poets," from Kubric (The Shining) to Bergman (Hour of the Wolf), Tarkovsky (Stalker) to Polanski (Repulsion), have all made horror movies.

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Anonymous said...

Stalker a horror movie? What are you smoking