Sunday, November 20, 2011

Screenwriting means writing for anything with a Screen

Lately, I've been advising screenwriters to look beyond traditional movies as their platform for storytelling. You should be able to imagine writing for TV, for transmedia, for games, for e-books, web-comics, for websisodes. Your work will appear on computer screens, on tablets, on smartphones, on HDTV, and yes maybe even in the old fashioned, nostalgia-filled movie theater.

The "screen" in screenwriting means anything with a screen.

 With that in mind, you should read these recent articles:

"Are movies essentially a thing of the past? Does whatever we have now, digital or analog, represent at best a pale shadow of bygone glory?"
"Parker and Breyer were also in agreement that social technology is catalyzing complete reinventions of entire industries such as media, entertainment, music, and art. "

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pverb said...

A movie describes a visual storytelling format regardless of the tech used. However, I think that there are lots of opportunities for screenwriters to use their talents to help corporations and advertisers bring compelling messages to the visual medium that get overlooked.