Monday, October 31, 2011

How I Spent My Day in Palo Alto

Having a scheduled a number of meetings throughout the Bay Area, I decided that I would spend a day in Palo Alto, and drop in on my friends at Quora.

To plan my day, I did the obvious. I posed a question: How shall I spend my day in Palo Alto? I got fabulous suggestions from Will Wister,Elizabeth Baum and many others. I also got tips directly from Sid Espinosa, the mayor.

I then got in touch with Marc Bodnick, who set up a dinner for me, him,Rebekah Cox and Adam D'Angelo at Three Seasons. Quora stats savant,Stormy Shippy, set up a Quora happy hour, and invited lots of fellow Quora addicts to Old Pro

To get psyched up for my trip, I had coffee at The Farm in Beverly Hills with producer and Quora user Neal Edelstein (Mulholland Drive, The Ring) and we schemed in a caffeine induced frenzy about the future of technology and storytelling. Exciting projects we've been talking about for months came into clearer focus, and my brain was buzzing. I was ready to venture out of Hollywood and go tech touring.

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