Monday, October 3, 2011

Screenwriting FAQ

Here are some of my answers to frequently asked questions by aspiring screenwriters (click on the links to see my answers):


Jessica said...

I love your answers to those questions. I just wonder: couldn't you double post them on your blog at the same time as you're posting them at quora? Many of your answers are very well written and would work well as blog posts. I don't think it would take all that much of extra work to post them here as well. I assume I'm not the only one to subscribe on the feed from your blog. For people who like your writings and would like to follow you and comment once in a while, it would be way easier that way.

Boonies Chick said...

Wow. Lots to digest here. Got to bookmark this and work my way through it.

I've gotten value from every question I've clicked on. My favorite so far was your response on "Which screenplays should aspiring screenwriters read?" - and the links are very helpful. This was perfect timing for me. Thanks.

~ Milli