Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Favorite Thing to Say about Hollywood

"Hollywood was once a dream factory, but it has become a recycling center."
- Sean Hood

It's my favorite saying, and perhaps my one and only quotable quote. Share it. Tweet it. Pass it on...


Jessica said...


Don't forget though that all movies aren't done in Hollywood. For instance I watched the Australian movie Animal Kingdom the other day. Absolutely amazing. Sadly enough it never came up in the theatres in Sweden, which is incomprehensible. It's not unaccessable by any means. Just an amazingly intense crime drama with a lot of depth in it. But it was only released on DVD.

Good movies are still done. But how to make people find them as long as Hollywood dominates everywhere (except for possibly India where they have Bollywood, I suppose)?

Sean Hood said...

Film lovers must become curators and drive people to put World Cinema at the top of their Netflix cues (or whatever service they left Netflix for.)

Not only are good movies still done. There are THOUSANDS of them out there. They just don't have stars and 100million dollar SFX budgets.