Friday, May 9, 2008

A Serial Killer's 12 Step Program

Many years ago Bob Weinstien and Kevin Williamson hired me to write a draft of "Cursed." At that time the movie was not going to be a teen-horror spoof in the vein of "Scream," but rather a gritty thriller in the vein of "Seven." Kevin, who was only producing at this point, wanted to do a story about serial killers and their "addiction" to violence - and more generally a film about addiction itself.

Although nothing from my draft ever made it into the Christina Ricci werewolf film, there was one element that I came up with that I was always very proud of, and that was "A Serial Killer's 12 Steps." So now, at last, I am publishing these 12 steps for all to enjoy.


1. Admit we are POWERLESS.
1. Discover your POWER (first kill).

2. Believe in a power GREATER than ourselves.
2. Believe you are GREATER than others. (You are godlike)

3. Decide to TURN OVER OUR WILL to God.
3. Decide to force victims to SUBMIT TO YOUR WILL.

4. Make a fearless moral inventory of OURSELVES.
4. Make a ruthless moral judgment of OTHERS (victims deserve it).

5. Admit our wrongs.
5. See that others have wronged you.

6. Be ready to have God remove defects in OURSELVES.
6. Be ready to remove defects in OTHERS (kill victims)

7. Humbly ask God to remove shortcomings.
7. Humiliate victims for their shortcomings

8. Make a list of persons harmed.
8. Make a “list” of people TO harm.

9. Make amends.
9. Take revenge. (Begin killing spree)

10. Continue personal inventory.
10. Expand feelings of superiority and omnipotence.

11. Prayer and Meditation.
11. Escalate risks for bigger thrill.

12. Carry this message to others.
12. Revel in media attention.


Unknown said...


As someone with 20 years off the booze and a lifelong interest in serial killers that itself may qualify as a minor addiction, 19 years in the film business and an eNovel about serial killers and those who hunt them in the works on Squidoo @
, I find your comparison quite interesting. Bob Druwing, Hollywood

Unknown said...

This is one of the funniest things I've encountered in years, as you know.