Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marcus Responds

On Friday, I wrote a blog article "My Dinner With Marcus" about Friday The 13th director Marcus Nispel and the moment I realized that in order to get the job writing his upcoming project, Subterranean (aka Pod), I would have to eat a sandwich of blood sausage and sliced tongue.

This morning Marcus, who is shooting a commercial in Mexico, responded:

Just read your blog about me feeding you tongue sandwich. Hilarious! I can see how that might strike you as unusual. I'm actually in mexico right now sampling some local cuisine...

Maggots, grasshoppers and ants!

I suppose this is how he celebrates when his movies are number one at the box office (Friday The 13th made 55 million worldwide). If Conan The Barbarian enjoys the same kind of success, I will certainly join him.


Anonymous said...

I did a bit of research on Subterranean, and the basic blueprints of the story sounds fascinating. I can also see why Nispel thinks it would make a good video game.

Sonya Rose said...


What is Subterranean about? I was just curious.

Hope you're well.

Marcus is a very unique character. I can't say that I know one person who ate maggots. Now, I can say, "I do".