Friday, January 27, 2012

Contagion 2: Sundance

Pitch: All the major executives, producers, agents, writers, and filmmakers descend on Park City where they are are packed into tiny theaters, crowded parties, and taxis. Everyone hugs, talks and shakes hands spreading a deadly virus, which starts as a "terrible cold" but ends with sudden brain fever and death. Within the ten days of the festival, all of Hollywood is dead, and there are no more movies produced in America. The public goes back to reading books.


Jessica said...

"The public goes back to reading books."

... until they find out that they miss the movies so much that they'll try (oh, scary thought!) those foreign movies with SUBTITLES. After the first shock they're realize that it wasn't half as bad as they had imagined. Happy with their new discovery they'll dive back into film history and watch all the original European movies they've only seen in Hollywood remake versions.

Eventually in a few years time a new film industry will dawn again in US. But never again will the audience be fooled into the idea that all foreign movies are dull and incomprehensible.


Sean Hood said...

I think that's the basis for a Contagion 3: Foreign Contaminant.

All the fanboys who were SOOOOoo disappointed with Green Lantern are forced to see the Iranian film, A Separation.

Sean Hood said...

...and fanboys of every genre discover that the most original and inventive films were being made outside of Hollywood all along.