Saturday, August 12, 2017


Filmmakers Alliance's amazing Master Class is now called INDEPENDENT FILM, NOW! and it returns on Saturday, August 26th at Canon's new facility in Burbank.

I will be part of the first panel discussion of the day.

"If you haven't ever been to one in the past, you've missed a lot of amazing and important information. If you have, come get the latest and most comprehensive overview of making films in the digital age."

Click here for tickets.

Filmmakers Alliance has supported the production of hundreds of independent shorts and features since 1993 and once again brings you INDEPENDENT FILM NOW - a state-of-the-union look at the indie film landscape, as well as an A to Z, step-by-step seminar for independent filmmakers, providing the KEY information needed to get your next project MADE and SEEN. 

INDEPENDENT FILM NOW is a clear, concise and complete view of independent filmmaking, helping you create a blueprint for your life as a filmmaker!

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