Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You ask,"Why is there so little originality coming out of Hollywood?"

A recent question on "Why is there so little originality coming out of Hollywood?
Remakes, ripoffs, adaptations, sequels and prequels. Where did the creativity and originality go?"

I answered the question this way:  Hollywood funds movies that are daring and original when large audiences go to see daring and original films. To some degree, this was the case in the 70's before the rise of the blockbuster (Jaws and Star Wars.) It's hard to imagine today's audiences flocking to see movies like Chinatown, Midnight Cowboy, A Clockwork Orange, or Taxi Driver.

I would also challenge those who bemoan Hollywood's lack of originality to look beyond mainstream Hollywood, and check out the thousands of movies being made outside the Hollywood system. We live in a time when Netflix can send or stream just about any foreign film or independent that might interest you.

For example, the next time you update your Netflix Queue, check out these startlingly original films: 

If like the rest of the world, you have already seen The Avengers, why not check out another movie in theaters that has a 93% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, the action-thriller from Norway, Headhunters?

There are startlingly original movies, both foreign and American Independent, out there in every genre, from drama to horror, thriller to comedy.  You just have to dig a little deeper, do a little research, and instead of just watching any "event" film that is marketed to you, take responsibility for the media you consume, and seek out movies of high quality.  I'm sure you liked Jennifer Laurence in Hunger Games, but she was better in the far more original indie-film, Winter's Bone.

Hollywood makes more of what audiences pay to see.  When more people start showing up for original movies, more originality will come out of Hollywood.

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Jessica said...

... or they'll end up doing remakes. I love when Hollywood discover new, original foreign ideas, but I'm not as thrilled about the remakes. Inspiration? Yes! Plagerism? Pointless. In my opinion. But I know not everybody is with me in this. I just think that if a 10-year old in Europe can get used to and appreciate watching movies with subtitles, grown-up Americans should be able to do that to.

Several new, fun movies I've seen recently are bound to become remakes soon. Norwegian Headhunters is one. Spanish Timecrimes is another one. If only they got any better in their US adaptiations! But alas, usually they're not. Just watered down.