Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Haunting Melissa" Both Scares and Innovates

First watch the trailer...

Haunting Melissa is a new kind of viewing experience.  It's not a film (although it was created by the producer of Mulholland Drive and The Ring.) It's not a TV series (although it is serialized, appearing over the course of days, weeks and months.) And, it certainly is not a bundle of webisodes (though it is delivered by an app made exclusively for the I-pad and I-phone.)  Watching Haunting Melissa doesn't feel quite like any of these things.  It's something innovative, exciting... and very, very scary.

Now go download the free App:  Haunting Melissa

As a friend, collaborator  and  filmmaker with a burning interest in new technologies and new distribution models, I had a chance to observe Neal Eddlestein conceive, create and deliver Haunting Melissa.  Over the next couple days I will be interviewing Neal, and blogging about what this project could mean for independent filmmakers looking for new ways to tell stories, reach audiences and monetize their content.

As a fan of the uncanny tone and intensity of David Lynch as well as the surreal supernatural horror of The Ring, I couldn't be more drawn to the story itself.  I was able to get a sneak peak at some of the later sequences, and they truly have the unsettling quality of both a hazy nightmare and a decent into madness.

Interviews, discussion and analysis to come.  Stay tuned...

Melissa Herself

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