Friday, May 17, 2013

What if they all did it like Amazon?

For all of you interested in writing TV or developing TV, this is a very interesting development from Roy Price and What would happen if all networks and premium cable allowed their audiences to choose their pilots?  Would that be a good thing?  How would you feel if YOUR pilot was chosen by an audience instead of executives and focus groups?

Amazon creates online streaming TV with new production arm

Amazon has recently released 14 new pilot episodes on its website created by its Amazon Studios unit and the e-commerce site wants viewers to choose which previews the company should turn into full-on, season-long shows. The 14 offerings range from well-known Hollywood entities, like the Sony spin-off Zombieland, to lesser-known creations a la the comedy Those Who Can't, which was generated from an online submission entry.
What's the creative process behind these pilots? How did ideas get the green light? How has response been so far?  Listen to Roy Price, director of Amazon Studios: HERE

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